Friday, March 22, 2013

Month one in this strange land

So it has been almost a month since I got here and so much has happened! I still miss bend and think of it as home but I'm working to build a life here so I will be a bit less home-sick all the time.

My first week here was filled with so much it's hard to remember it all. First I arrived and saw my house for the first time, the next day we went shopping for all the little things that fill a house (curtains, rugs, dishwasher soap...., and the next day we bought a zippy little red car (a 2009 mazda 3) - Our first car together.

We've had a few get togethers with friends (which kinda makes me miss home more) but helps with the loneliness. I've applied for every job under the sun! I have another interview today at 2, for the dollar general that just so happens is located just across the street (I've walked to it almost every day). I also found an online "job" which I stumbled upon while searching for healthcare - It's a company called Ameriplan (click to check it out)
Last week I turned 30!!! Woo hoo! Yes i do feel a slight bit old, I think it would be impossible not to, knowing I've been alive 3 decades!!!! And Griffin turned 33 on Easter! Oh and his mom is coming to visit next week!!! So I get to meet her for the first time (the first of his family that I will be meeting in person).

Ok- now for the most exciting thing since moving here....

We got KITTENS!!!! something to keep me company while I'm alone at night! I love them so much!!!! And I'm happy to report, since bringing them home one week ago they have become friends! they play, fight, cuddle together, and all hissing has stopped! This is especially great at night when they are playful, they play with each other instead of me! (unless i decided to move my foot, then i will be tackeled for sure).
It's been 12 years since I had a cat and while I miss my baby dog sunny (back home in bend) It feels great to have little creatures to pour love into (the white one is Griffins and he named her x-box. the black one is mine and i named her trinket but i call her baby)
More to come- My craft room is almost done being painted!!!! then i get to start organizing all my crafting stuff and start using it again!!!!! this makes me VERY happy as well!!!!
Anyhow, I've got an interview to go get ready for! I miss you all very much and i look forward to seeing you during July and/or at the wedding (which is 133 days away)
Much love