Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Day at the ZOO

This last summer Me and Griffin when to the Memphis Zoo with our friends and their family.

 Here is me And Griff at the zoo, on a random zoo bench that I thought was pretty-
 Here is the Lovely Kuzin Clan (plus Taylor, far left who is Jarrod's girlfriend)
 Me and my honey by the waterfall-
 and us in a weird cubby whole- in a tribal wood wall (not sure why it was there but it was cool)

 Me and Hannah and Theresa on a bench sitting (cause walking that much can make you very very tierd) and Below is ME in the giftshop with a flamingo that we DID not buy.

Update from Jonesboro

I'm having a slow time making friends, but I AM starting to feel a bit connected with my church here, thanx to the Thrive youth group!

I have a job, I have some co-workers that I've come to think of as friends but the  Job is not my fav place to go, and I'll tell you why. Because of the neighborhood I live in/work in. I see the kind of things that make me cringe everyday.

I do have some great customers, that I see regularly that make me smile. But then there are those other ones
 Moms who choose to buy the cigarettes and put back the load of bread because they can't afford both (at the end of the month when they're out of food stamps),
the kids who come in by themselves (6, 7, 8) and try to hassle our customers out of some change so they can buy some candy.
the babies who are eating candy as they exit the store (WAY TO YOUNG for that much sugar)
and the obese couple who buys 12, two liters of soda a week.

I know that poverty exists everywhere, even Oregon, but I never saw it up close and personal like I do here. To see people who have absolutely no desire to get up and do better for themselves, or their kids.

I am ready to come home for a few weeks (July 10th) and get married :) (Aug 2nd) - and then come back here and find another job, one where I will see the best in people again, and not the worst.

I have strong feelings about this country (and it's leaders) creating a society of people who are dependent or entitled on the government for their basic needs, people who take advantage of the system and do all they can to milk it!