Tuesday, September 24, 2013

the slideshow and wedding

the slideshow- from the wedding! and the wedding- start at about 16 mins in and you will see all you need!!!

The wedding- it came and went- here is a recap!

So I flew home on July 9th- and that night I went to the ER and spent the next few days in the hospital on an IV antibiotic. Turns out the rash I had on my face turned into Cellulitus. photo below- my mom snapped in the ER.

I was supposed to be home to finish up the planning for the wedding (mere weeks away) so naturally i was a bit freaked to be looking like THIS. 
they had me on some heavy anti-biotic in the hospital (and for a week after leaving) and in the end my face (plus make-up) looked almost back to normal!!!! 

DAY OF: we started off with a bit of pampering, hair and makeup for me and all the girls (including Joelle, though i later braided her hair.... she's four, she didn't leave her hair alone)

then- off to the photo-taking site (a wee bit later than planned).
here is my groom and his guys looking good!!!
me and my groom
me and my girls 
me and Joelle (my second fav person in the whole wide world) my niece and flower girl
and then off to the church (millions more photos but i'm trying to keep it short and sweet)

Me and Griffin and my parents

                                                     Me and Griffin with his mom and sister
me and Joelle
me in my veil

                                                         Chillin- waiting for it all to start
                                                 My dad walking me down the Isle
                                           Joelle, doing her flower girl thing like a pro!
and He's giving me away!

                                                   Wedding prayer
                                                 First communion as husband and wife

the Kiss

Me and my family (minus Kyle, Megan and baby Ethan)
the get away! 
the next morning we had a brunch for family and out of town guests- 

Joelle was glued to my side- so sad, she didn't want me to go- i miss her a ton too!

opened some presents! 

Me and Jaren- took me all three weeks to get him to warm up to me again.... and then i left again... oy

Janelle and Josh (and baby on board) one of my bridesmaids and best friends

Matt and Jennifer (matt took a ton of great photos for us) and Jennifer was my right hand girl- my matron of honor, returning the favor from last summer when i was her maid of honor! my bestest friend. I tried to convince them to move to AR but no luck....

Richard and Sara- he was a groomsman and she was a bridesmaid- i am STILL trying to convince them to move, sucks that i have all these great friends who live so very very far away now :(

me and my sisters, my mom, and my two grandmas! felt so loved that so many family came

Cody & Mal (and Evan) - my cousin and her fam

I have a video of the wedding- i'll try to post i here when i figure out how
for now that's it- the wedding story!